History. Craftsmanship. Art.

Dallas Piano Restorations sells Steinway & Sons grand pianos built during Steinway’s “Golden Age,” when the Steinway family owned and ran their piano business.


Whether you are in the market for classic black, mahogany, rosewood, Victorian, modern, an art case, baby or concert grand, our Steinway pianos, restored to their original, pristine condition, will take your breath away.


Our craftsmen are musicians, specializing in pianos for professionals and serious students. Our restored Steinways are legendary in the piano world, with customers all over the United States. And unlike other piano showrooms, we have no salespeople, no monthly sales quotas, no commissions to pay, no manufacturers to answer to and do not practice high pressure sales.


So, please come visit our studio, play these marvelous pianos, and let us show you our beautiful work.


DPR has been entrusted to restore historic pianos, such as this magnificent 1901 Steinway Art Case model A with satin marquetry that appeared in the 1956 film, "High Society," shown below with Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby. Read more about this piano and its story on our blog.