P l a y e r  P i a n o  I n s t a l l a t i o n s

Imagine your favorite music played on the piano in your home by the world’s greatest musicians. Whether you prefer Chopin, Mozart, Duke Ellington or Billy Joel, the QRS PNOmation II can enhance your piano enjoyment like no other player system on the market.


Now integrating wifi and digital technology, QRS PNOmation II operates remotely from any iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and most smart phones, with the oldest and largest library of player piano music in the industry, dating back to 1900. QRS player installations are non-invasive and will not alter the aesthetic appearance, tone, or expressive touch of your piano.


Considered to be the most reliable player piano system on the market today, QRS PNOmation II is the preferred choice of most professional piano technicians, and Dallas Piano Restorations is the only factory certified installer in the Dallas Metroplex, with a full five year warranty on parts, two years on labor.


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