P i a n o  N o t e s  f o r  S t u d e n t s,  P a r e n t s,  T e a c h e r s  &  P r o s

Don't let your child grow up tone deaf!
Unlike string players, singers and most other musicians, piano students cannot practice ‘playing in tune.’ Keeping your piano in tune helps children learn pitch during their developmental years.


Tune your piano at least twice a year.
A piano is a wooden, stringed instrument, like a violin, and goes out of tune whenever the humidity changes. Seasonal tuning ensures the best pitch stability. All piano makers recommend tuning your piano twice annually. Serious students and teachers should have their piano tuned four times a year.


Invest in a decent piano, preferably a grand.
Give your child the right tool to do the job. Little spinets and electronic keyboards do not have the key-weight of a grand piano. Students are frustrated when they have to perform on a grand piano with keys twice as heavy as what they practice on at home. Remember, a poor piano is a deterrent to practicing; a good piano is an incentive; a grand piano is an inspiration!

Is your piano bench padded?
Nobody wants to sit on a hard, wooden bench for an hour! Make sure your student has a padded bench, preferably an adjustable height bench.


Buyer beware!
When buying a piano, don’t fall for salesman or dealer hype. The piano business is full of gimmicks, misinformation, deliberate lies and a lot of untunable, junk pianos that look good. Avoid “event sales,” liquidations and other high-pressure tactics. Remember, at Dallas Piano Restorations, we are technicians and want to service your piano for years to come; a dealer just wants to sell you a piano today.


Keep your piano away from heat vents and direct sunlight.
A piano action needs to be cleaned, lubricated, regulated and mothproofed every few years. Proper lubrication keeps the keys easy to play and prevents delicate parts from wearing out prematurely. Regular mothproofing keeps moth larvae from eating the wool felt cushions under the keys.


Is your piano silent these days? Add a player!
Enjoy your piano investment... If no one plays your piano anymore, consider a player installation that will enhance your piano enjoyment with “live” performances by the worlds’ most famous pop, jazz and classical musicians.